Leadership Assessment

PENTA Leadership Assessment

Some of the most successful organizations in the world have a value of continuous improvement. Imagine how much more successful yours could be with the power of knowledge to illuminate your leaders and utilize their strengths in a way that would assimilate an orchestra performing in perfect harmony.

After nearly 30 years of working with CEOs, Presidents, and C-Level Executives at hundreds of companies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes, clients have shared the workings and dysfunctions of their leadership teams with the hope of finding a way to improve performance and grow. Even with the best marketing in the world, if your leadership team is not leading and executing on the organization’s mission, there is resistance instead of flow. Many clients express frustration knowing their organizations have the potential of getting to the next level, however need to know whether their leadership teams have the ability and skills to get it there. One of the greatest challenges for many clients throughout the years has been to truly understand their teams and learn how to leverage the strengths of their managers to promote healthier and more productive environments, efficiency, and growth.

In 2017, PENTA partnered with one of the world’s leading assessment companies to design and develop a Leadership Assessment to help our clients fire on all cylinders to help boost productivity, morale, and to improve the success of their teams.

If you have between four and ten leaders on your executive team, your organization is a perfect candidate for the PENTA Leadership Assessment. Do you know if your team is truly operating at its full potential? Does it operate on all cylinders? Are you missing any advantages that can be leveraged to help your team get to the next level?

Most leadership teams do not accomplish as much or move as quickly and effortlessly as they are capable. Some deal with friction, fear, unnecessary discussions, and inappropriate comments derailing important topics resulting in unproductive meetings. We believe that through the process of assessing your leaders, you can better leverage their strengths, create positivity, progression, and promote excitement from the top to drive your initiatives forward.

Our unique leadership assessment looks for nine hard-wired styles that must be present on each team as well as 17 leadership qualities that your leaders should have to be at their best.

Each leadership team must have at least one leader who is a visionary, one who is a strategist, one who is an innovator, one who is a developer of people, one who is a motivator, one who is an executer, one who is a negotiator, one who is a risk taker and one who is a problem solver. When teams have too many of one style, and not enough of another, forward momentum can slow.

Unlike the styles, which are hard-wired, Leadership Qualities are coachable, gaps can be filled and leaders can grow, improve and become better leaders and more effective teammates on the leadership team.