Digital Marketing’s Data-Driven Benefits Prove Valuable

We all know knowledge is power. Our marketing team is enamored with the real-time data we get from digital marketing and online advertising because it gives us the ability to stay fluent, dynamic, and to be change-makers for the most competitive industries in the world. We love the flexibility of digital advertising because in a moment’s notice, we can choose to switch gears, tweak, or continue moving forward. The data helps validate where we are and whether we’re on track, enabling us to captain the ship of every campaign based on the tides.

Every day, as if we are preparing for a journey to a new digital galaxy, we dedicate a tremendous amount of time and energy researching trends and educating ourselves on what’s fresh and new in the marketing sphere. We also validate and seek ways to continuously improve and generate better results in every practice area. In the digital marketing space, this is not only possible, but necessary.

Being knowledge junkies and addicted to relevance, we also seek to absorb and act upon the information. Over the years, we have adapted, changed, and enhanced to continuously ensure that our digital marketing and online campaigns are integrated, data driven, and evolve to the highest level of engaging customers with clients’ brands. We strive for experiential marketing opportunities in the digital space – for engagement and increased customer loyalty.

In order to do this, we must know what continues to be viable for generating results for each and every client.

According to recently published statistics, users of social media accounts for two-thirds of all internet users. Many years ago, we welcomed the integration of social media, and have found the infusion of social media to be a cost-effective and a highly efficient channel for marketing and engaging audiences for all clients.

All indicators point to the fact that we will see a continued and significant rise in digital marketing trends in 2017. We are banking on this and look forward to introducing our clients to new ways they can leverage more online marketing opportunities to achieve stronger results to strengthen their brands. The more we can drive data, the better equipped we are to shape, modify, and continuously evolve programs to yield the maximum results possible.

Our social media campaigns are strategic and creatively executed. We prescribe a “social media cocktail” of sorts. A one-size-fits-all strategy does not work, especially as everything must be based on a diagnosis of a particular client’s goals, the lifecycle of their brands, and the unique dynamics in play at their organizations. For nearly three decades, we have proven this to be true.

As we consider numerous options to plan a digital marketing campaign, we continue to be impressed by the numbers.

As an example, currently, LinkedIn has over 450 million user profiles. On Facebook, there are 1.6 billion daily visitors and over 50 million businesses using Facebook Business Pages. Facebook’s total revenue grew 56% in 2016, with their advertising revenue growth at 59%. Research shows that 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases. Instagram earns nearly $600 million in mobile ad revenue, and this is rapidly increasing.

Even Snapchat is high on the list with over 400 million snaps shared per day, and 10,000 videos on YouTube have yielded more than 1 billion views.

We expect to see much more from Facebook. Consider its recent incorporation of a video-centric platform and live video stream. We believe this will be huge in the new year. Emojis have brought more engagement to social media. We also believe that brand engagement on Instagram will grow, as it is currently where most consumers are more likely to follow brands.

The data we receive from digital marketing gives us the marketing insight we need to make better informed decisions for improving products and services as we learn more about our clients’ customers on a whole new level. The more we can get them to engage, the greater the opportunity we have to gain information that will help them sell and build greater awareness.

Finding additional ways to engage customers on social media and in the digital space in its entirety will be a focus in the year ahead. Providing a brand experience through all facets of social media campaigns and executing strategies to peak the interest of your audience, and involve them in conversations about your brand should be an important goal. Brand evangelism through effective social media to grow your reach can do wonders in generating new followers and drive new leads to your organization.

We are looking forward to what’s to come with enhanced digital marketing opportunities bringing every program to the next level. Determining which mediums are right for our clients’ businesses to grow and illuminate their brands is what we enjoy most. It enables us to marry our strategic marketing expertise with creativity and the knowledge of those tools that will effectively make an impact to the success of every campaign.

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Deborah Penta is the Founder and CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. She has authored numerous published articles that have appeared in national magazines and is a regularly featured conference speaker and media guest. She is also the executive producer of Top Growth TV. Contact her at: .