Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights Center™

Marketing Innovation & Customer Insights Center

In order for a client company in any industry to grow and thrive, it must study the consumers of its products or services. The emergence of globalization, continuous improvements in technology, and advancements in marketing innovation, are all changing the way we learn about services and products. The way in which people make purchasing decisions whether on a personal or corporate level is also changing rapidly.

PENTA recognizes that in order to help its clients remain at the forefront of their industries, that they must gain continuous and extensive first-hand knowledge about how they can more successfully shape the future of their organizations and their brands.

As the only private corporation in New England with such a Center, PENTA stands apart as a marketing leader in providing a mechanism for gathering important data and customer insights to help shape stronger and more impactful results-oriented advertising and marketing, along with web-related and social media strategies.

Our world-class Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights Center™ was founded to commemorate our 25th Anniversary in 2014 and was established to bring thought-leaders and our clients together in an effort to gain powerful and compelling insights that bring unparalleled innovation to their marketing programs. With industry change being the only constant, PENTA helps its clients remain on the cutting edge of advancement to become more knowledgeable and data-centric in their thinking in the planning and execution of their product and service growth strategies.

Through the power of our strong strategic partnerships with both global marketing leaders and the academic communities, we bring thought-leaders to our Center offering C-level executive education for an unprecedented think-tank experience to help catapult the success of our client strategies.

The Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights Center™ Offers:

  • Traditional and Nontraditional Focus Groups
  • Insights and Innovation Faculty
  • Client Engagement Studies
  • Incubation Discussion Groups
  • Social Media Engagement Studies
  • Panel Discussions, Forums and Presentations
  • Special Project Task Force Hosting for Strategic Awareness Projects
  • Powerful Speakers’ Bureau

The PENTA Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights Center™ teaches our clients how to use data from the buying habits and patterns of their customers to make informed strategic decisions for future growth. Bringing renowned industry leaders together, we educate, inform and innovate in an effort to bring world-class marketing solutions to accelerate our clients’ success®.