Historic Preservation

The PENTA Building

The PENTA building was constructed by the hands of many men in 1790 and is one of the oldest buildings in the historic town of Westborough, Massachusetts, located in the heart of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Westborough is conveniently located 35 minutes west of Boston and is easily accessible by the Massachusetts Turnpike and Route 495. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places and has eight fireplaces, all of which are documented in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.

PENTA purchased the landmark property at the end of 2013 and completely renovated both the interior and exterior of this impressive building, rich in New England history.

This preservation project is one of the finest examples of historic property reuse in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It began as a Gentleman’s Mansion in the late 1700’s, was later home to several retail establishments, and for the 40 years prior to the PENTA purchase, it was a charming, well-known New England Restaurant and Tavern called “Bergson’s 1790 House”.

In May 2014, PENTA received the prestigious Silver Hammer Award for the successful completion of this historic renovation.

The transformation of the building resulted in the preservation of a historic gem, and the emergence of a spectacular renovation. PENTA kept all of the original woodwork, fine detailed craftsmanship, and most of the original floor plan during its conversion to an office building and new site for its growing company. It used a team of dedicated and talented professionals that handcrafted additional millwork providing a seamless transition, which blended the old with the new. During the restoration, the building was also reenergized with the finest modern engineering, incorporating the latest modern technological advancements to accommodate the Company’s ever-changing needs for the best state-of-the-art technology.

With several conference rooms, numerous private offices, several large cubical workrooms, a beautiful open and fully equipped modern creative department that houses a technology bar for testing websites on all mobile and computer platforms, to the PENTA Center for Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights, to an employee clubhouse, featuring a kitchen, relaxation room and game room, the building was transformed into the perfect location for the marketing firm and its team.

There is an exterior courtyard with numerous tables adorned with PENTA blue umbrellas and formal English gardens are located throughout the parcel.

Rich in history, George Washington, Paul Revere, and General Marquis de Lafayette were known to visit the property on their journeys to Boston.

PENTA is grateful to the Westborough Historical Commission and the Town of Westborough for the information, guidance and support it provided to our organization prior, during and after our purchase of the property. They were instrumental in providing information on the building’s history and were a pleasure to work with throughout every phase of our historic restoration project.

PENTA Building Dedication

PENTA Ribbon Cutting