What CEOs Should Do Now to Stimulate Sales

PENTA OnAir "Emerging Stronger" Survival Series
PENTA onAIR "Emerging Stronger" Survival Series
What CEOs Should Do Now to Stimulate Sales

Tune in to this Podcast with Andy Miller, President of Swift Kick of Alexandria, Virginia. In today’s interview, Andy shares five key strategies that CEOs can do now to stimulate sales within their organizations.

Learn how to determine which of your sales people can sell in a pandemic and whether you simply need to pivot, create a new strategy, or make changes to your current sales structure to achieve results.

Andy brings over 28 years of experience as an international sales strategist and entrepreneur to our listeners. He achieved $5.7 billion in organic sales growth for his clients, and earlier in his career, Andy built an international software company and sold it by the time he was 30. Andy’s clients have included IBM, Pfizer, and Accenture.