Three Deadly Assumptions that Kill Sales and How to Cure Them

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Three Deadly Assumptions that Kill Sales and How to Cure Them

In this episode, we talk with George Bronten, a life-long entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the software space. In his compelling new book Stop Killing Deals, George reveals the three deadly assumptions that plague sales and how to unmask them. As the creator of the award-winning sales enablement platform, Membrain, George has led the charge in advocating for better and more effective technologies to serve modern and complex B2B teams. His book, which just debuted this month, contends that the sales industry has been blaming all the wrong stuff for its lack of significant improvement. George believes that it is not technology, training, leadership or even the salespeople themselves, but rather it is the subconscious assumptions they make about sales.

George reveals three core bad assumptions, along with how each one impacts sales effectiveness. Then, he demonstrates how to expose these assumptions inside your organization. He shows leaders how to remove the sting from those ineffective assumptions and replace them with supportive beliefs that allow for a more effective approach to sales. He lays out a framework for achieving world-class sales performance, based on an understanding of the essential humanity of both salespeople and buyers.

This is a great listen if you have a sales team or influence growth at your organization. Tune in today!