How to Sell Your Way out of the Coronavirus Crisis

PENTA OnAir "Emerging Stronger" Survival Series
PENTA onAIR "Emerging Stronger" Survival Series
How to Sell Your Way out of the Coronavirus Crisis

If you’re concerned about sales right now or how to motivate your sales team during this turbulent economic climate, tune in to this episode with PENTA CEO, Deborah Penta and International Sales Leadership Consultant, Dave Kurlan. In this power-packed interview, you’ll learn ways of selling in a downturn, how to combat objections, how to use technology to connect with prospects while working remotely, and how to improve your mindset and hold your team accountable. Dave is the CEO of Kurlan & Associates, an international consulting firm specializing in sales force development. He is a top-rated speaker and has been featured at Inc. Magazine’s Conference on Growing the Company, the Sales & Marketing Conference, the Sales 2.0 Conference, Inbound, and the Gazelles/Fortune Sales & Marketing Summit. He has been featured on radio, television, and in print including World Business Review Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, and Incentive Magazine. Dave is also a regular contributor to Top Sales Magazine and the blog. Dave has also authored two books including Mindless Selling, and the best-seller, Baseline Selling. He is also a contributing author to Stepping Stones with coauthors Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield.