PENTA CEO Interviews Swedish Entrepreneur and Author George Bronten in a Special Edition Podcast Emerging Stronger

(Westborough) – While the world faces its largest battle in pandemic history, CEOs and business owners find themselves on the frontlines of corporate survival. To enable leaders to emerge stronger from the #COVID-19 crisis, PENTA CEO and Top Growth TV Host, Deborah Penta gathered top industry global experts to provide valuable insight and strategies for more effective leadership during this turbulent period. For businesses that depend on sales to survive, Penta’s impactful interview with lifelong entrepreneur and author George Bronten offers a timely and unique perspective on unmasking Three Deadly Assumptions That Kill Sales and How to Cure Them.

Bronten, an award-winning sales enablement platform creator, has leveraged over two decades of software experience as an advocacy leader to provide modern and complex B2B teams with more effective technology solutions. He has authored and recently published Stop Killing Deals, a provocative new book that debunks the threatening issues that plague sales, from assumptions to blame, diving deep into the subconscious elements that inhibit success.

While sales remain an essential lifeblood for many businesses during these tumultuous and uncertain times, listeners learn strategies to optimize effectiveness and achieve best results. This episode reveals Bronten’s key actionable steps to identify bad core assumptions, eradicate these obstructions from the sales process, and illuminate supportive beliefs to implement instead.

In this podcast, Penta also explores Bronten’s framework for success, using the humanity of the buyer and seller relationship to purposefully improve sales performance.

This episode premiers on April 1, 2020 as part of PENTA’s special edition #COVID19  Emerging Stronger™ daily podcast series. Business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs who are interested in subscribing to the series can do so online at