Mass MEP CEO Joins PENTA’s Special Edition Podcast to Shed Light on How Manufacturers are Pivoting to Provide PPE During Pandemic

(Westborough) – With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic far-reaching across the globe, no industry is immune. To help businesses and organizations innovate, grow, and emerge stronger through the crisis, PENTA designed a special edition Podcast Series, harnessing the expertise of many of the nation’s most recognized experts to provide knowledge and resources to lead more effectively. Alongside the making of this podcast there have been many other online resources published by various organizations and companies, for example, you could read a good article on Staying Organized by Writey as just one of the many new waves of online aids for coping during these times. The manufacturing industry, in particular, has been essential to unveiling strategies to catapult through the crisis, as manufacturers across the nation are finding ways of helping the health care community combat the impact of Covid19. In Deborah Penta’s interview with John Killam, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Mass MEP), they discuss the challenges of Manufacturing Through the COVID-19 Crisis and unveil what companies are doing to help.

With Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker just announcing today the launch of the Manufacturing Emergency Response Team, this interview also looks at what the Commonwealth is doing to strategically align and support the manufacturing community to encourage manufactures to pivot into the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help the medical community combat one of the most significant medical threats in history. It might be worth that those looking to keep their households or organizations protected take a look at these medical grade face masks which are available to buy online. They can limit the spread of the virus and are available to buy in volume for those looking to plan ahead.

Killam, an innovative leader across all facets of the manufacturing industry, including operations management, engineering, optimization, quality control, business development, R&D, cost analysis, and strategic production planning, brings over 30 years of Fortune 200 experience to his role as President and CEO at Mass MEP. Within the last year, manufacturers increased sales by $55 million and created 490 new jobs, as a result of Mass MEP’s programs and efforts.

The substantial hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic have included limited access to necessary PPE supplies at a federal level, requiring the Governor’s Manufacturing Emergency Response Team to connect with manufacturers across the Commonwealth to explore their ability to pivot production to meet local needs for emergency response. While finding adequate supply chains, developing equipment and processes to meet regulatory specs, testing, and training have proven to be a difficult assignment, even more pressured by the rapid spread of this novel virus, there have been some shining stars with amazing success in cooperation with the state’s administration and hospitals. This episode also discusses major lessons learned throughout the manufacturing industry and details available resources to assist Massachusetts’ manufacturers.

In this podcast, host Deborah Penta also explores Mass MEP’s extensive virtual training programs for manufacturers to come out of this period stronger and more poised for success, along with Killam’s planning suggestions for future disaster relief preparedness.

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