International Sales Strategist Outlines How to Stimulate Sales in PENTA’s Emerging Stronger™ Special Edition Podcast

(Westborough) – Unprecedented times call for strategic measures. While the COVID-19 crisis has impacted each industry differently, one universal effect is the need to adapt to change. Emerging Stronger™, a Special Edition Podcast Series, was designed by PENTA CEO Deborah Penta to help CEOs of businesses and organizations navigate these changes through the pandemic period, featuring global experts across a myriad of industries to share strategies and action steps for success. Today’s interview with international entrepreneur and top sales strategist Andy Miller explores the most requested sales advice, namely What CEOs Should Do Now to Stimulate Sales.

Miller is President of Big Swift Kick of Alexandria, Virginia, which was identified by Selling Power Magazine as a top sales consultancy, in addition to specializing in sales training, and assessments. With over 28 years of experience as a global sales strategist and entrepreneur, Miller has helped his clients generate more than $5.7 billion in organic growth. Earlier in his career, he built an international software company and sold it before age 30 and with Fortune 500 clients including IBM, Pfizer, and Accenture.

Transitioning to a remote sales environment mandates a new approach, requiring sales teams to adapt to a radically different framework.  Sales leaders need to take a firm look at accountability to determine how well it is impacting the bottom line. Miller shares that assessment tools are essential to evaluate who has the ability to build and grow relationships during this pandemic, combining predictive analytics and performance data, to strategize the best next steps needed. This episode outlines Miller’s suggestions to create a recession-busting sales scenario to get through these challenging times with strategic guidance and support.

In this podcast, host Deborah Penta also explores Miller’s top five recommendations for CEOs, from how to increase sales grit to identifying whether an organization needs to pivot to capitalize on opportunities to achieve results.

This episode premiered online on April 27th as part of PENTA’s special edition Emerging Stronger™ daily podcast series. Business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs who are interested in subscribing to the series can do so online at