Nationally Recognized Sales Expert Explains How Leaders Can Improve Sales Effectiveness During the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Westborough) – The COVID-19 crisis has forcefully changed the dynamics of how people are doing business and this is impacting companies of every size, scope, and industry. PENTA’s Special Edition Podcast Series, Emerging Stronger™ was designed to help businesses and organizations transition through the pandemic, bringing global experts together to help leaders plan and execute effective strategies. In today’s interview with PENTA CEO, Deborah Penta, nationally acclaimed sales expert Rocky La Grone discusses how sales teams must increase their efforts to realign with new and effective strategies to improve their sales effectiveness during and through the COVID-19 pandemic.

LaGrone, a nationally recognized and innovative sales development authority, has experienced and powered through economic recessions and disruptions several times over the past 25+ years, arming him with the knowledge and expertise to help more than 1,000 companies with world-class in-depth training, sales evaluation and analysis, sales management, customer service, and leadership, in combination with their core business strategy, goals, and objectives to maximize ROI.

Universal efforts to limit coronavirus exposure and spread like using hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and staying away from the workplace where possible has increased the need for remote work environments across many markets, and sales leaders and their teams are faced with both new challenges and opportunities. New guidelines and advice from governments and health organizations mean these leaders have to work in a situation they have never been in before. Social distancing is a must. Temperature checks, usually through temperature check guns or kiosks ( are strongly advised. Personal hygiene is more important than ever. These are all things that previously these leaders would have never given a second thought to. Outreach efforts now require significantly extra diligence, including trust-building, differentiating value perspectives, and relationship development to necessitate further coaching to achieve skills sets needed for success. This episode explores La Grone’s strategy to realign communication, support, and structure accountability for positive results, while leveraging Sales DNA to create an uplifting culture that is focused on each team member’s individual strengths.

In this podcast, host Deborah Penta also delves into La Grone’s top five suggestions to effectively sell through and out of the challenges of COVID-19, revealing the best strategic times to connect with decision-makers and competitively come out stronger.

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