Health & Lifestyle Coach Joins PENTA’s #COVID19 Emerging Stronger™ Special Edition Podcast Series

(Westborough) – When the #COVID19 outbreak forced American businesses and nonessential organizations to make an immediate shift to remote working environments, with a fast rush to get the sd wan security and other remote working protocols in place, business leaders had to make major changes in their daily routines. These changes not only impacted workstyle, but lifestyle as well. Deborah Penta, Top Growth TV Host and CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc., developed this Special Edition Podcast Series to help leaders gain valuable insight into how they could lead and live more effectively through this unprecedented pandemic. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, Penta’s compelling interview with esteemed Health and Lifestyle Coach Denise Lockbaum discusses how high anxiety situations can trigger unhealthy habits. In this episode, Lockbaum offers creative tips for How to Avoid Emotional Eating in Times of Extreme Stress.

Lockbaum, founder of the Keto Health Fast and an experienced Certified Pilates Instructor for more than 20 years, specializes in Metabolic Health Restoration and helps clients of all ages embrace personal wellness to become healthier versions of themselves. By implementing evidence-based research science to reverse metabolic dysfunction and increase digestive health, Lockbaum follows Nutrition Network training through The Noakes Foundation, a medical platform designed specifically for practitioners, and is in alignment with the Nutrition Coalition, which guides U.S. nutrition policy per scientific data and analysis. With an authentic, personable approach, Lockbaum is known for empowering healthy eating decisions and incorporates the philosophies of positive energy flow through movement.

In light of new extended remote working challenges and extreme stress, tendencies to subconsciously graze eat throughout the day are all too common. This episode focuses on strategies and techniques to harness heightened anxiety while exercising healthy habits. Taking control of nutritious food choices along with staying actively moving are immediate and practical steps to provide personal control within an uncontrollable environment. Combined with Lockbaum’s simple suggestions, this good-for-you methodology can lead to increased overall health and wellness.

In this podcast, Penta also explores Lockbaum’s top five “emotional eating busting strategies,” designed to help listeners emerge from this global upheaval healthier than ever.

This episode premiered on April 1, 2020 as part of Penta’s Special Edition Emerging Stronger™ daily podcast series. Business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs who are interested in subscribing to the series can do so online at