PENTA Launches Special Edition Podcast Series, Helping Business Leaders Survive the COVID-19 Crisis

Massachusetts – In an unprecedented move, PENTA Communications, Inc., gathered experts from around the world to provide powerful and impactful information and strategies for leaders to immediately integrate to enhance their mindset, leadership skills, knowledge, resiliency, and sales acumen in an effort to catapult themselves and their organizations out of crisis mode and into survival in light of the COVID-19 emergency.

There are many companies looking to provide innovative aid, products, and services to people and businesses in need, for instance, the likes of Pandemic Pal can provide specialized clear masks that can allow for lip-reading while remaining safe.

The crisis has changed the landscape of the business world in an extremely short amount of time. There are lots of strict guidelines which businesses need to follow to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Social distancing, medical privacy screens and antibacterial hand gel dispensers are all advised to be included in offices and workplaces. Essentially these measures are designed to encourage good hygiene and limit close interaction and the spread of bacteria.

The emphasis is currently on cleanliness which is why Janitorial Services in Shreveport have been a godsend to businesses trying to overcome the Coronavirus pandemic. However, businesses will also face other challenges beyond hygiene in their attempts to survive.

Ultimately, it is no secret that the pandemic has already started to have a significant impact on the global economy. Furthermore, with millions of people staying at home, unsure about where their next paycheck will come from, there seems to be an enhanced focus on saving and stocking up on immediate necessities and this is putting the online lending industry under a distinct disadvantage.

Moreover, it seems that no sectors are immune to the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. For now though you can learn more about lending here and the different financial options available for businesses all over the world.

That being said, this Podcast series, which will launch on March 26, 2020, will provide daily Podcasts featuring renowned psychiatrist and best-selling author, Dr. Edward Hallowell, international leadership coach, Ken Estridge, PhD., global sales development expert, Dave Kurlan, and many more top-rated industry gurus.

PENTA, which celebrated its 30th anniversary year in 2019, is the region’s first and most trusted integrated marketing partner. A multi-year winner of the WBJ’s Best Advertising Firm and Best Woman-owned business, the firm is recognized for it’s high-level results-oriented programs and for its commitment to the community.

“We have survived several recessions, 9-11, and other national and natural catastrophes, however we have never seen anything like the coronavirus in how businesses of all sizes are being negatively impacted. We wanted to do something to help our clients and other business across the nation by leveraging the strength of our relationships and partnerships with some of the world’s most respected leaders and advisors, bringing their guidance to those leaders that would not typically have access to them, especially for free,” said Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc.

“We are hopeful that this Podcast Series will give everyone who listens to them, the ability to walk away with a few key points to help them in their lives and their businesses,” she continued. “Everyone who is participating in this series brings their best and the desire to contribute in a powerful way to give back.”

The Podcast Series, will be available to business leaders during the coronavirus emergency, with different themes debuting each day.

Business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs who are interested in subscribing to the series can do so online at