PENTA CEO Interviews International Sales Leadership Consultant on How to Sell Your Way Out of the Coronavirus in Third Episode of Emerging Stronger™ Special Edition Podcast Series

(Westborough) – To combat the negativity, upheaval, and despair that the global COVID-19 crisis has imparted across the business landscape, Top Growth TV Host and PENTA CEO, Deborah Penta assembled top industry experts to share valuable advice and insight to steady panic-stricken CEOs and business leaders during this uncertain time, with the aspiration to emerge stronger and more successful post-pandemic. Penta’s power-packed interview with International Sales Leadership Consultant Dave Kurlan provides essential strategies and tools for “How to Sell Your Way out of the Coronavirus Crisis.”

CEO of Kurlan & Associates, an international consulting firm that specializes in sales force development, Dave Kurlan shares over three decades of experience and is widely recognized as a top-rated global speaker. He was featured at Inc. Magazine’s Conference on Growing the Company, the Sales & Marketing Management Conference, Inbound, and the Gazelles/Fortune Sales & Marketing Summit. With press appearances across television, radio, and print media, Kurlan’s ongoing contributions include World Business Review Magazine, Selling Power Magazine, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine, and Incentive Magazine, and he is regularly featured by Top Sales Magazine and the blog. A best-selling published author, Kurlan has authored two books, Mindless Selling and Baseline Selling, is a contributing author to four books in development, including Stepping Stones in partnership with co-authors Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield, and has created “Understanding the Sales Force,” voted a top sales and marketing blog, from 2011 through today.

While the coronavirus epidemic poses massive disruption for some businesses, this episode spotlights how a positive outlook can circumvent tendencies to delve into a panicked, reactory mode by staying solvent and optimizing new efficiencies available, including video calls, relationship strengthening, opportunities for extensive training, and additional perspective shifts toward results and long-term pipeline building. Kurlan shares how accountability drives efficiency, and while this can be more challenging during remote situations, it offers a sense of normalcy and focus in a world that’s shifting right now before it finds its new baseline for growth.

In this podcast, Deborah Penta also explores Kurlan’s suggestions for recession-proof strategies to implement, offering CEOs and business owners real-world tools and strategies to come out on top, post-survival.

This episode premiered online on March 30, 2020 as part of Penta’s special edition Emerging Stronger TM daily podcast series. Business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs who are interested in subscribing to the series can do so online at