PENTA Welcomes Newest Class of Marketing Scholars

WESTBOROUGH_ Today, PENTA welcomed its newest class of 2018-2019 class of PENTA Marketing Mentor Scholars™. This top-rated mentorship experience affords 12 high-achieving Westborough High School students with an opportunity to meet and learn from marketing leaders and then become immersed in a customized and multi-faceted integrated learning experience connecting students to c-level executives of top growth companies.  It also provides site tours for a behind-the-scenes look at their operations.

This program, designed by Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. was approved by the Westborough Public Schools in 2015 and has graduated nearly 30 high school seniors since its inception. “We look forward to the success of this year’s program,” said Penta. “We are proud to engage the students, to help them gain greater self-confidence, to connect them to leaders who can help them on their journeys, and to provide them with the tools and knowledge that will give them a competitive advantage when applying for college, seeking an internship, or employment.”

This year’s students include: Zachary Arneth, Christiana Crane, Chloe Fitch, Alexander Izvolsky, Alex Mack, Jack McGinn, Abigail McLucas, Evan Owens, Nikol Pestov, Maxil Sasdi, Bethany Woodcock, and Greg Xenos.

“Over the last three years, the PENTA Marketing Mentorship Scholar™ program has helped many Westborough High School seniors gain real-world experience and network with executives. This has been an invaluable experience as they move forward in their college careers,” said Westborough High School Computer Science & Business Team Chair Darrell Potosnak. “This program has opened doors for our students that otherwise would not have been attainable without this partnership with Deborah Penta.”

During the course of the program, the PENTA Marketing Mentorship Scholars™ participate in enriching educational experiences, including tours of state-of-the-art business facilities and open dialogues with economic and legislative leaders throughout the region.

“Westborough High School students are so fortunate to have a community and business partner in the learning process, like Deborah Penta and her team,” said WHS Principal Brian M. Callaghan. “Students will undoubtedly have the opportunity to see what they’ve learned in their classes in real-world terms.  Students learn about various aspects of business, government, and community affairs, and more importantly, how these areas inter-relate. It’s been a great way to assess their career interests and abilities, as well.”

PENTA generated site visits give the scholars an up-close look at leading organizations. Beginning in November and into 2019, students will visit Avidia Bank, Columbia Tech, Chick Fil A, and others.

“Penta’s innovative, high-quality mentorship program with Westborough High School is grounded in powerful relationships. Penta has designed a diverse set of business experiences that embed our students into the corporate culture of varied companies,” said Amber Bock, Superintendent of Westborough Public Schools. “The opportunity provides a strong mix of business coaching and meaningful field experiences.”

“We look forward to a great year ahead for our mentees, and to celebrating their participation in April,” said Penta. “We know this program is successful because we have seen students land valuable internships, jobs, and gain an advantage by having this on their resumes. Every year, we strive to make it even better – to raise the bar. We hope that, most importantly, it will make a positive and lasting impact on each and every one of our bright student participants.”

“We appreciate the longstanding support of UNO Corporate, Columbia Tech, Avidia Bank, Westborough TV, and Chick Fil A for their invaluable contributions and partnership,” said Penta.