PENTA Legacy Fund Donates to Seven Hills Foundation to benefit the Ray and Coco Lajoie Center for Children

WESTBOROUGH_The PENTA Legacy Fund recently announced the distribution of a grant to the Seven Hills Foundation to benefit the Ray and Coco Lajoie Center for Children.

For nearly seven decades, the Seven Hills Foundation has broken barriers for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, helping them to flourish and enrich their lives. The organization shares messages of value and respect throughout Central Massachusetts and beyond, while evangelizing dignity for all.

What began, in 1951, as a circle of Central Massachusetts parents who united to advocate for their children, has prospered into a multifaceted health and human services agency with more than 160 locations locally and internationally.

Seven Hills has emerged at the forefront of educational, clinical, and behavioral health services with interventions designed to achieve wellness and recovery. The organization uses wrap-a-round models of Medication Assistive Therapies, which combine the use of medication and behavioral therapy to treat individuals with substance abuse disorders, and Positive Behavioral Supports, which reduce problem behaviors by fostering new skills to improve quality of life and by implementing environmental changes.

Educational supports and services are available to help disabled people reach their goals, pursue their dreams, and lead impactful lives.

The Ray and Coco Lajoie Center for Children honors the legacy of a couple who exemplified the mission of the Seven Hills Foundation. Slated to open in November on Pleasant Street in Worcester, The Center will operate as a place for family services, adoption, and early learning, while honoring two individuals who breathed life into the Seven Hills Foundation’s vision to change lives, open doors, and uplift families.