PENTA Legacy Fund Supports United Way of Central Massachusetts

WESTBOROUGH_ PENTA Communications, Inc. announced that it recently made a grant to the United Way of Central Massachusetts through its Legacy Fund in an effort to continue its support of the organization’s ongoing initiatives.

The donation comes as the United Way of Central Massachusetts celebrates its 98th birthday as a tireless advocate that works to break the cycle of poverty and advance the community. The United Way of Central Massachusetts receives over $5.1 million in annual donations from staunch supporters who recognize the vital services and impactful results of its human services programs.

“As President and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts, and on behalf of the Board and all contributors, we are humbled and deeply grateful to receive an impactful contribution from the PENTA Legacy Fund,” said Tim Garvin, President and CEO of the United Way of Central Massachusetts. “This contribution from PENTA furthers our work of lifting up lives and strengthening the community as we specifically used these funds during our summer focus; to ensure children had access to summer camp; to invest in our summer literacy initiative in order to prevent ‘summer slide’; and in the YouthConnect Summer Teen Program so that teens had safe places with positive adults and inspiring activities to be engaged in. Simply, the PENTA Legacy Fund made a BIG difference for our United Way and in our community. We are thrilled to be a trusted partner of PENTA.”

The United Way focuses on four core strategic goals to support education, health, family stability, and to provide a safety net to those in emergency situations.

Through the organization’s efforts, at-risk youth receive nurturing care and high-quality education during after-school programs. Over $4.1 million has been invested in after-school and out-of-school programs, giving more than 31,000 children safe places to learn and grow. United Way’s efforts helped to raise the graduation rate in Worcester by 10 percent between 2010 and 2014.

Part of its mission is to ensure the community has access to proper nutrition, healthcare, and opportunities to engage in physical activity to lower the rates of childhood obesity and reduce chronic illness. The organization has helped over 27,000 individuals access nutritious food, and has invested approximately $1.8 million in eleven programs to support mental health.

For many, the United Way of Central Massachusetts is a lifeline and beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. More than 97,000 people depended on services that provided them with shelter, meals, and disaster relief over the past four years. Safety Net services help to lift up vulnerable individuals and families who experience a crisis, require protective and legal services, prevent homelessness, and aid hunger relief.