PENTA Releases 2018 COP Report to United Nations

WESTBOROUGH__ As PENTA Communications, Inc. releases its fifth Communication on Progress Report (COP) to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), it encourages other companies to join forces with the world’s most extensive corporate sustainability initiative.

“We believe that it’s necessary for companies to do their part in aligning their organizations with global principles that will drive and encourage sustainability, best practices, integrity, and a value of concern and action to the betterment of the world around us,” said Deborah Penta, Founder and CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc.

Since 2013, PENTA has aligned with the UNGC and more than 9,000 participating companies in 160 countries to drive change by upholding universal principles of anti-corruption, environmental sustainability, fair labor, and human rights to advance society as a whole. PENTA joins a small percentage of over four hundred active businesses in the United States of America that participate in the UNGC including Campbell Soup Company, 3M, Accenture, American Express Global Business Travel, Bristol-Myers Squibb, General Mills, and Ford Motor Company.

“We support the UNGC’s call-to-action to join the unification of one global voice that calls for sustainable business practices to support strong communities and a healthy planet. The time to champion for the future is right now. By aligning our vision for tomorrow, we can start enacting the UNGC’s meaningful Global Goals to end poverty, gender inequality, injustice, and safeguard our planet today,” said Penta.

PENTA’s dedication to its UNGC partnership is a reflection of the firm’s passion for igniting positive change on a local and global scale. Well respected for its commitment to the community and to strengthening organizations within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the firm has a long-standing history in shaping positive change and a positive reputation for achieving results for those in need. In alignment with the UNGC’s Ten Principles, PENTA supports youth education, non-profit programs, and economic development.

“PENTA looks forward to making its mark by consciously making an effort to continue acts of kindness, support, and engagement to foster lasting and meaningful progress for a better tomorrow,” said Penta.

To view the full 2018 COP report, which details PENTA’s commitment to the UNGC’s Ten Principles and community giveback, click here.