PENTA CEO encourages female executives at Women’s Information Network event

WORCESTER_ On Tuesday, February 20, marketing expert and CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc., Deborah Penta, spoke on the power of personal branding at the Worcester Chamber’s Women’s Information Network meeting. The event was held at Mechanics Hall located at 321 Main Street with over 100 female executives attending.

Penta encouraged attendees to reflect upon their history, their values, and shared her philosophy on personal branding strategies that would help them develop a stronger foundation, live true to their beliefs, and essentially bring more happiness into their lives and work. Her frank and powerful message pushed and challenged women to become their best selves. Professionals from a myriad of industries developed introspection and self-discovery skills to better understand who they are to elevate their personal image and emerge as ambassadors of themselves as a brand. With knowledge garnered from over three decades of working with women in over 100 industries and in various professional capacities including serving as a mentor for over 30 years, Penta harnessed her expertise to help attendees dig deep and gain a better understanding of who they are to help catapult their success and happiness.

“In business, a product cannot be successful if it’s not right. The same is true for personal branding. If you do not take the time to do enough research and development on yourself, your values, your core beliefs, and who you are, you cannot effectively integrate personal branding strategies that will yield the most success and happiness,” said Penta.

PENTA’s Founder and CEO is a regularly featured speaker who hosts numerous discussions on branding a myriad of corporate communications and business topics, and she is also known as a speaker and advocate for women. She has served as a mentor to those in the field of marketing and is committed to industry advancement and growth, and also has mentored high school and college-aged students.