PENTA Marketing Mentorship Scholars celebrated by Massachusetts elected officials, school officials, and community leaders

WESTBOROUGH, MA _ On Friday, May 6, PENTA Communications, Inc. celebrated its first class of PENTA Marketing Mentorship Scholars with a spirited ceremony and luncheon alongside Westborough school officials, Massachusetts elected officials, and community leaders. The event was held at PENTA’s corporate headquarters located at 208 Turnpike Road in Westborough.

Elegant harp chords and hors d’oeuvres greeted the 2016 program graduates as they congregated inside the historic PENTA Building, before being welcomed into the Marketing Innovation and Customer Insights Center™. Deborah Penta, Founder/CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. and founder of the PENTA Marketing Mentorship Scholar™ program, congratulated the high school seniors, who were specially selected by the Westborough High School (WHS) Principal Brian Callaghan and WHS Business/Computer Science Department Head Darrell Potosnak, for participation in this innovative business preparatory mentorship program.

Along with Deborah Penta, Massachusetts Senator Michael Moore, State Representative Carolyn Dykema, Westborough Superintendent of Schools Amber Bock, and WHS Principal Brian Callaghan addressed the scholars with insightful and encouraging words as the seniors embark on new endeavors this fall.

“Always assume someone is watching, and always seek to deliver your best and, I assure you, you will succeed. You are well on your path to success with this great program. I’m really looking forward to hearing it’s going to be offered again,” Representative Dykema said to the scholars.

Following Representative Dykema’s speech, Senator Moore spoke to the value of the program and the impact it has on a new generation of leaders.

“We are always looking at ways to inspire the business community and the public sector to work together to promote programs that will help future leaders,” said Senator Moore. “Programs like this are going to provide more value than you know,” he added.

Bock took the stage to address her students and applaud PENTA for its efforts toward the program and the community.

“This place is always about energy and bringing people together,” Bock said of PENTA Communications, Inc. “It’s people marketing, and I think that’s something really unique about PENTA.  The Company has found an avenue to network Westborough and the region together, and I think that’s really inspiring,” added Bock.

Principal Callaghan shared with the graduates his advice for achieving their goals.

“It starts with a belief inside of you that you can reach your goals. You have to believe in yourself. It takes values. It’s about decency, ethics. It’s about civics. Remember the values that are necessary to make you successful. Lastly, I think what it takes is high standards. Don’t settle,” Callaghan said to the group. “Really try to reach your greatest potential by having the highest standards.”

Senator Moore, Representative Dykema, and Deborah Penta presented the graduates with Citations from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, all of which were signed by State Representatives Dykema, Gregoire, and Kane, as well as the Speaker of the House Robert DiLeo.  Awards and Certificates of Completion were presented from PENTA. Three students received additional congratulatory recognition for scholarships granted to them by the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce’s School/Business Partnership. Following the ceremony, a catered lunch was served to all in attendance.

“Thank you so much for participating,” Penta said. “We want to wish you the very best in your collegiate careers, and most importantly in the wonderful lives you will craft for yourselves,” she added.

During the course of the six-month program, the Marketing Mentorship Scholars participated in enriching educational experiences, including a tour of Columbia Tech’s state-of-the-art facility on Otis Street in Westborough. The students were invited to converse with Columbia Tech President and CEO Chris Coghlin, prior to viewing the filming of “Top Growth,” PENTA’s compelling business news program on local TV and On Demand.

Earlier in the program, the high school seniors had an opportunity to broaden their political knowledge with PENTA’s segment on Business and Government, where Massachusetts State Representatives Carolyn Dykema and Hannah Kane shared insights into how business and government work together, information pertaining to various regulations, and fielded questions from the 12 participating students.

PENTA’s steadfast support of the Westborough school system has spanned nearly three decades and, in 2015, PENTA collaborated with school officials to organize a program that would provide students with meaningful hands-on experiences, while contributing to the nation’s economic future by fueling a diverse and talented workforce.

“Deborah (Penta) is a remarkable role model in how she runs her business, and she recognizes that being part of the community and embracing every relationship in your life for all it has to offer, not only will lead you to great places, but at the end of your many roads, you will develop some relationships that really give you much more than you ever expected,” said Representative Dykema.

The Westborough-based marketing firm has donated $2.5 million to organizations, charities, and non-profits in New England, with over $1 million benefiting children.

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