PENTA CEO Leads Successful Seminar on Digital and Social Media Marketing

(WESTBOROUGH, MA) _ Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. presented a seminar to regional executives on March 9, 2016 as part of the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce’s Success Seminar Series. Highlighting the impact of social media and digital advertising, she offered attendees methodology and advice on how to successfully create programs that engage, promote, sell, and inform to yield greater results.

“A successful digital marketing program is dynamic, flexible, and relevant. Today’s winning advertising and marketing campaigns are not only integrated, but equipped with the right mix of digital, online, and social media strategies that can propel an organization to the next level of success,” said Penta. This program, which was presented by the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce, was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Commerce Bank.

“Deborah Penta delivered a highly informative and thought provoking presentation!” said Karen Chapman, President of the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce. “Her expertise and depth of knowledge in digital advertising and social media provided Corridor Nine Members with highly effective and relevant marketing strategies to implement at their own organizations.”

According to Penta, social media has become a dominant platform in which business is promoted and where customer engagement is realized. Today, many businesses are benefiting from social media efforts generating more exposure for their products and services and have seen social media efforts increase traffic. Marketers believe that social media and digital presence has become a requirement. From being regularly active on social platforms to implementing different seo tactics on websites, these are necessities in today’s industries if wanting to be successful. Plus, with the majority of social platforms being free and with the help of free seo audit tools, it shouldn’t cost too much to implement these strategies, so there’s really no excuse to not have them.

In this compelling and informative seminar, attendees grasped a better understanding of which digital, social media, and online marketing opportunities made the most sense for their organizations, ultimately meaning attending businesses can better outline their needs and wants to digital marketing teams such as you can find at and similar company websites. Penta offered insights on the diverse options available to build strategically targeted plans for social media campaigns. With an estimated 53% of Americans saying that they are more loyal to the brands they follow on social media, it is crucial for organizations to grow their digital presence.

Penta discussed how analytics and capitalizing on the power of data can help drive organizations to yield greater success. Whether an attendee was in a marketing role at a company or led an organization and was looking for ways to drive their marketing to the next level, engage customers more often, or increase sales, this seminar provided knowledge to make better and more informed marketing decisions.