PENTA supports WBJ’s Outstanding Women in Business Awards

WORCESTER _ Since 2012, PENTA Communications, Inc. has been a sponsor of the Worcester Business Journal’s Annual Outstanding Women in Business Awards (WIB), an annual event to honor outstanding female business and community leaders who have made a positive and noteworthy contribution to the local business landscape. PENTA was the Speaker Sponsor for the 2014 event, held on November 14, 2014 at Tuckerman Hall, Worcester.

As in past years, the speaker was of national acclaim, and this year’s keynote speaker was Carole Sacino, Founder of Turning Point Institute and Author of, “Build Your A-Game.”

“Every year, we look forward to sponsoring the Worcester Business Journal’s Annual Outstanding Women in Business Awards,” said Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc.

“There are many women throughout Massachusetts, in all sectors of both for-profit and nonprofit industries, who are creating living legacies. They are making a huge impact through their strong leadership and through their extraordinary results, for both their organizations and for the betterment of their communities. This event honors many of those women and it provides an opportunity for all of us to be mindful of progress,” she said.

The Annual Outstanding Women in Business Awards event was founded in 2009 and four women were honored at the inaugural event. Penta was one of those first four women to receive the prestigious award.

“It was such an honor and a privilege to be among the first women to have received this award, which is a smashed piece of glass representing the glass ceiling,” said Penta. “As with any honor; however, it comes with a responsibility to continue to help others on their journeys in business and in life. With every gift, we must use it as an opportunity to give back as a sign of our gratitude. As women, we should lead a commitment to help one another succeed so that at some point, there will no longer be awards for women, but for men and women in one category.”

Since its inception, the event has grown to annually honor six women and a total of 36 women have been honored to date. This year’s award recipients are from a broad range of industries and show the diversity that this region has to offer women in leadership roles.

The 2014 award winners include:

  • Sarika Aggarwal, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Fallon Community Health Plan, Worcester
  • Charlotte Broussard, Owner, Universal Window and Door, Marlborough
  • Susan Mailman, President, Coghlin Electrical Contactors, Inc. & Coghlin Network Services, Worcester
  • Ann Tripp, Chief Investment Officer, The Hanover Insurance Group, Worcester
  • Donna M. Truex, Attorney, Bowditch & Dewey, LLP, Worcester
  • Victoria Waterman, CEO, Girls, Inc. of Worcester

“This year’s class of honorees represents such a wonderful group of women in various industries, many of whom have called the region home their entire lives. Every award recipient received her honor for the important work and contributions she is making, not only in her business, but also for her contributions to her world and community. They have created a better world for their patients, colleagues, clients, customers, employees, and all of those special people in their lives accompanying them on their journeys,” said Penta.