PENTA CEO hosts Russian delegation

Westborough, MA. _ For over two decades, Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. has hosted numerous international delegations with the interest of fostering global diplomacy on a local level. Entrepreneurs from Canada, the Republic of Georgia, and Russia have received a hospitable welcome, time, and cultural experience designed to help them gain a valuable business exchange.

On March 12, Penta hosted female Russian business leaders, representing a myriad of industries at the 150 year-old Worcester Club, a historic business/social club founded by Worcester’s most prominent businessmen and industrialists. She shared her personal leadership experiences, made a presentation about PENTA Communications, Inc., and opened up a dialogue for an exchange of ideas, business concepts, and answered numerous questions ranging from competitive strategy, social and community commitment, and life balance.

Made possible by the Open World Leadership Program at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, the delegation was sponsored by the International Center of Worcester (ICW). The group’s interests focused on the following three themes: entrepreneurship and business development; issues of women in business and society; business social responsibility, community outreach, and support of non-profit organizations.

The delegation included Natalya Baytimirova, Chief Commercial Officer, Infokom, LLC; Nadezhda Matyukhina, President, Yekaterinburg Fashion Modeling Agency, LLC; Tatyana Nikulshina, Founder/ PR Consultant/ Media Trainer, Nikulshina Sole Proprietorship; Tatyana Polusmak, Co-Founder/ Travel Agency Manager, Laguna Travel, Co-Creator of the TV Show “Baby Boom,” Primorye Public Television, and Vasilyeva Yaroslava Olegovna, Owner & CEO, Non-food retailing company.

In addition to their own businesses, the women are all involved in social service organizations and activities that benefit their local communities. And, they are all interesting people who have been carefully selected by the Open World program and vetted by Homeland Security.

“When we found out about the program, obviously the person who came to mind was Deborah Penta. As a premier entrepreneur, a vast supporter of non-profits, an individual who has taught at Clark University, and a mother, she is someone who truly understands the issues women in business face,” said Royce Anderson, Ph.D. Executive Director, ICW. “She graciously said she would be happy to host a luncheon and meeting at the Worcester Club.”

“For decades, we have had the privilege of connecting with numerous international delegates who have exhibited a significant interest in learning about the American economy, our culture, and the way in which we conduct business,” said Penta. “The shared dialogue and exchange, combined with the social interaction and genuine interest to learn, offers immeasurable and numerous benefits to all. We have enjoyed these meetings immensely and will continue our involvement for many years to come.”

“Deborah made an excellent presentation, shared stories of her upbringing in an entrepreneurial environment, and discussed in-depth what PENTA Communications, Inc. does for its clients. She also had one-on-one conversations with each representative talking to them about their professional lives and their hopes,” Anderson said, adding, “It was truly magical.”

PENTA Communications, Inc., which is celebrating its 25th Silver Anniversary in 2013, believes in fostering strong and positive global relations to make a difference in the advancement of business growth through exchanged experiential learning and the encouragement of authentic leadership opportunities.

“We are delighted to continue our support of such meaningful and culturally engaging programs,” said Penta.