PENTA CEO Leads Networking Session for Women

WORCESTER, MA _ On Wednesday, October 3, 2012, the Center for Women & Enterprise (CWE) hosted a business event, Wednesdays, Women, & Wine, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Worcester, with a networking segment spearheaded by Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. of Westborough.

The mission of the CWE is to empower women to be economically self-sufficient and prosper through business and entrepreneurship. Penta has supported this mission throughout her career.

“CWE offers the technical assistance and support for women who are in the beginning or growth stage of their business.Wednesdays, Women, & Wine is an excellent opportunity for women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to network, make connections and develop personal relationships that help them to succeed,” said Ivette Olmeda, program manager, CWE.

“Deborah Penta, CEO and Founder of Penta Communications, Inc., a well-experienced entrepreneur, led the networking event as our special guest and moderator of this impactful networking session. We are grateful to Deborah for her invaluable support to this office and in general to women and small business owners,” said Olmeda.

The networking portion of the evening was designed to help the attendees make connections. Penta was asked to lead a “speed networking” session in an effort to provide attendees with a fun and innovative way to expand their business networks and to learn about powerful tools to foster continued outreach and visibility, from using alert systems in the workplace (like to understanding what to do in situations others may have experienced.

“Deborah’s networking program was fun and we witnessed many comments from the women as they expressed what a great idea it was to connect with new people,” Olmeda said.

“CWE presents women with guidance and numerous opportunities to learn crucial business skills and how to be successful at entrepreneurship. It has an excellent reputation and truly exemplifies its mission,” said Penta. “I was delighted to participate in Wednesday’s event.”

Wednesday’s event drew nearly 100 women from throughout the region and was sponsored by Prudential Insurance.

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