PENTA hosts Women Entrepreneurs from Around the Globe

WESTBOROUGH, MA _ On Tuesday, August 14, 2012, Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc., Westborough, hosted a group of women entrepreneurs, government officials, and NGO representatives from around the world. These visitors were invited to the United States under the auspices of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program arranged by Meridian International Center and the International Center of Worcester.

This Multi-Regional International Project is designed to promote women’s economic development and empowerment. The Department of State designed this visit with three primary objectives. The first was to provide examples of entrepreneurial efforts in the United States, particularly those initiated by women. They also wanted to illustrate the essential role non-governmental and grassroots organizations had in supporting and empowering the development of women-owned businesses. In addition, the goal was to highlight the social, economic, and political factors that influence and encourage the development of private enterprise in the United States.

Visitors to PENTA Communications included: Ms. Ljiljana Zajc, Head of Service for Investment Support, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts (Croatia); Ms. Genevive Bois Darguste, Architect and Administrator of SOGITECH (Haiti); Ms. Thiphaphone Phetmany, Managing Director, Enterprise Development Consultants Company (Laos);Ms. Jessica Nabil Abou Haidar, Founder and Managing Partner, Bug Studios, LTD. (Lebanon); Ms. Grecia Pamela Curiel Barragan, Chief of Foreign Trade Investment Analysis, Ministry of Economic Development, State of Durango (Mexico), and Ms. Bushra Fatima Chaudhary, CEO of (Pakistan).

Penta hosted the group for a luncheon, tour of PENTA Communications, and a dialogue exchange discussing entrepreneurship in the U.S. and an exchange of challenges, discussion of opportunities, growth, and expansion.

“The exchange of ideas and shared experiences that brings leaders together is always highly valuable and meaningful,” said Penta. “We had an open dialogue on a myriad of subjects ranging from business development, hiring good people, business growth opportunities, technology, to juggling work and family life. The women were bright, engaging, deeply committed to their organizations, and were interested in learning how to get to the next level. The opportunity provided by the International Visitor Leadership Program is remarkable for all involved, from the perspectives of both the visitors and the hosts. We all walked away from the experience richer, more enlightened and benefiting from a meaningful exchange of culture and ideas.”

The women boasted sustentative professional backgrounds and were regarded as leaders in their respective communities. Many served as board members for their regional Chambers, associations, and were involved in the betterment of their communities. In addition, many held advanced degrees, and for a few, juggled career and family life.

PENTA Communications has been opening its doors to international visitors for years. It participated in a trade mission hosting a Canadian entrepreneur that was starting a marketing firm, it has hosted numerous job shadowing opportunities, and has provided marketing services to the United Nations.

The recent visit was successful for all, and on Monday evening, August 20th, Penta is hosting a cocktail reception for another contingency of female leaders from Belarus, the labor force of which consists of more than four million people, with women holding slightly more jobs than men.