PENTA Creates Designs for United Nations

WESTBOROUGH, MA _ It’s typical for the team at PENTA Communications, Inc. to appreciate a wide, daily diversification of clients throughout the normal course of business. However, it’s not every day that the marketing team has the opportunity to work on projects in alignment with its global, social-minded communications goals and philosophies.

Most recently, PENTA Communications, Inc., a fully integrated and full service marketing firm, completed a series of publication designs for the United Nations (UN). The UN, an international organization whose objectives are to ensure the cooperation of social progress, international security, law, economic development and human rights, and the achievement of world peace, offers numerous publications to educate, inform, and provide important information on a myriad of subjects keen to its mission.

PENTA provided the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with creatively inspired designs for a series of publications that focused on environmental issues and most particularly climate change.

“PENTA was a perfect choice for the project,” said Caitlin Connelly, UN Consultant and founder of Sustainable Futures, Now. “They have an outstanding reputation and offer expertise in high-end integrated creative services, provide a one-stop shopping experience, and work hard to accomplish client goals and objectives. PENTA’s work on the collaborative projects was impressive.”

PENTA brought to life a 2-part comprehensive journey through the successes and challenges of community-based adaptation projects. A mid-term report focused on how the program has worked with local communities in developing countries to create and implement realistic climate change adaptation plans that support sustainable development goals. An additional piece highlighted how to create inclusive programs at community levels and showed communities ways to adapt to climate change. This communications piece was part of a series of “How To” brochures that focus on various aspects of community-based adaptation.

“The UN works to align stakeholders to focus on issues like this, and it’s been very successful,” Connelly said. “Our goal was to take technical information, project statistics, and results and present them in creative, user-friendly ways. The end-user drives our designs. The report provided critical information and lessons learned on climate change adaptation measures for use by other communities; it is point of entry for action. It is also a reporting and fundraising a tool.”

Another vital piece that PENTA designed for the UNDP was the Knowledge Needs Survey. The survey gathered feedback on the Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM), an online climate change adaptation resource, as well as what types of information exist and where there are gaps, what’s helpful, etc. The results of this survey will help countries with their efforts to develop and implement climate change adaptation projects.

Working with a company like PENTA Communications, Inc. that has a full range of service capabilities and high-level talent can make a big difference in complex project work,” Connelly said. “It’s truly wonderful to work with the professional, bright, and friendly people at PENTA.”

UN publications are instrumental in helping the organization accomplish its many missions.  “We were delighted to work on the publications and the programs identified within this particular group were in alignment with one of our values, which is to support global environmental awareness. Our team did a great job and put extraordinary effort into meeting the intense and specific demands of the projects while ensuring successful and timely completion of all projects,” said PENTA Communications, Inc. CEO Deborah Penta.

The United Nations headquarters is located in New York City, with additional main offices in GenevaNairobi, and Vienna. The UN is financed from voluntary contributions from its member states, and has six official languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.