PENTA helps brand Worcester’s green energy program

WORCESTER _ When the City of Worcester made the decision to embark on a progressive program to become green, it enlisted the marketing support of PENTA Communications, Inc., a Massachusetts marketing firm known for its community-centric spirit and commitment to the region.

Worcester’s innovative and comprehensive, city-wide outreach campaign, Worcester: A Greener Future, Today is a dynamic and impressive initiative which demonstrates the City’s serious commitment to being a green community, a designation Worcester recently received from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“PENTA is one of Worcester’s shining Green Ambassadors,” said John O’Dell, Worcester’s program manager for Energy Efficiency and Conservation. “As a subcontractor for the City’s Outreach Consultant, the marketing team at PENTA Communications worked diligently with the City to help us brand and market Worcester’s community outreach campaign. The results speak for themselves and will help bring the campaign to life.”

“PENTA Communications, Inc. and Deborah Penta have contributed on multiple levels to the Worcester community, including workforce development, youth and green energy initiatives. PENTA is a true supporter of the City and, working as a sub-contractor to our energy outreach consultant, has developed an exciting brand and logo for our green energy outreach program – Worcester: A Greener Future, Today. We look forward to continuing to work with PENTA on this critical initiative,” said Julie A. Jacobson, assistant city manager and chief development officer.

“The logo and tagline, Worcester: A Greener Future, Today, portrays the City’s green skyline and commitment to clean energy, community, and broader environmental goals. The program’s website is constructed for easy navigation and use by viewers. And visually, it carries the same look and feel as the Worcester logo,” O’Dell said.

“This work highlights PENTA’s ongoing commitment to environmental issues and emphasizes their dedication, as a community partner, to help the City become the Green Heart of the Commonwealth. They even involved relevant community members to add a human element to the somewhat abstract issues at hand. The City looks forward to continuing our work to finalize the program and to finalize the site design and produce a model website for the City and beyond,” he continued.

“We were delighted to be part of the innovative team that is helping to move this initiative forward,” said Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications. “We believe in the importance of bringing green energy to our region and to fostering growth in those communities that recognize the value of shaping green communities. It has been a pleasure working in collaboration with the City and Sustainable Futures Now on the development of this exciting city-wide initiative.”