PENTA Communications, Inc. Takes Lead Sponsorship for Regional Business Expo

WESTBOROUGH _ For the fifth consecutive year, PENTA Communications, Inc., a full-service integrated marketing firm headquartered in Westborough, will be the Presenting Corporate Sponsor for the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce Open for Business Expo 2010, set for Wednesday, April 7 from 4 – 8 p.m. at the Doubletree Hotel on Computer Drive in Westborough.

This year’s Expo will feature approximately 120 company exhibits with an expected attendance of over 1,000 people. The Corridor Nine is a dynamic regional business organization and through the Expo, hopes to help businesses of many types catapult out of the recession through this proven successful marketing vehicle. There will be many variations of different marketing guide options that could be vastly different depending on the business in question, whether it be a new cannabis business wanting to increase in size, or an already established restaurant looking to better market new products or locations, plus many more.

“We believe the Expo is an excellent way for Central Mass and Metro-West companies to generate new business leads to help move their companies forward and out of the recession,” said PENTA CEO Deborah Penta.

Penta, the current chairperson for the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce, has been a significant financial supporter of the Expo.

“The Corridor Nine Business Expo continues to be one of the most dynamic lead-generation expositions in the Commonwealth. Every year, the EXPO brings over 1,000 executives together and it exceeds the expectations of its exhibitors. We are delighted to continue our sponsorship of the Open for Business EXPO this year,” Penta said.

The Open for Business Expo is produced by the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce, one of the state’s fastest growing Chambers with over 700+ members. The Expo features a four-hour jam-packed marketplace where businesses from the Corridor Nine region showcase their latest products, services, and technologies.

PENTA Communications, Inc. will welcome Expo attendees at the exhibit floor entrance (booths #46 & # 47).

“It really is so important that companies take a good hard look at how they have been investing their marketing budget and determine how to maximize its effectiveness,” Penta said. “The Corridor Nine Open for Business Expo is an excellent way for companies to market and build greater awareness. There are incredible networking opportunities available and so many amazing booths and displays. It is one event that is a must-attend for every business person in the region.”

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