PENTA Launches New Small Business Division

PENTA Small Business Division (SBD) Launch - October 2009

PENTA Launches Small Business Division. Pictured L-R: State Senator Michael Moore (D), PENTA CEO Deborah Penta and State Representative Karyn Polito (R). Photo by Ron Bouley.

WESTBOROUGH, MA – On Wednesday, October 7, 2009, PENTA Communications, Inc., a regional marketing firm headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts announced in a press conference at the Doubletree Hotel that it has launched a Small Business Division and will be spearheading its own Stimulus Program to help qualified small businesses.

“In today’s very difficult economic climate, small companies need more accessibility to marketing support and additional dynamic business tools to help them become more sustainable, smarter and growth-focused,” said Deborah Penta, founder and CEO. “With challenging times impacting many of the region’s smaller companies, they need help getting back to business. We’re hoping that our Small Business Division clients will benefit from renewed hope, and will be much better poised for success with the additional business management programs that we’re offering as a complimentary program benefit.”

These business tools can be anything from online HR services or something like what’s offered from Cognillo, namely SharePoint site & list auditing, which allows you to review all your sites! Something like this is certainly random, but could benefit your business massively; there are so many tools like this that may benefit you as an individual.

State Representative Karyn Polito (R) and State Senator Michael Moore (D) spoke in support of PENTA’s efforts to help small businesses create better opportunities for regional companies to grow and thrive.

Representative Polito and Senator Moore offered kick-off attendees their perspectives on the challenges and issues faced by entrepreneurial companies in the Commonwealth. They also provided insight into the issues they are addressing in the legislature to help address many of the programs that are negatively impacting small businesses in the State.

“It all ties back to finding the right partners,” Rep. Polito said. “PENTA Communications, Inc. is taking an important stance in helping small businesses in our region with the energy, marketing expertise, foresight and talent to help businesses become more successful.”

Senator Moore presented Deborah Penta with a Citation from the State Senate in recognition of the Company’s successful launch of its new Small Business Division.

“Congratulations on the launch of your new division and on celebrating 20 years in business. On behalf of the Massachusetts’ Senate, I am pleased to extend our very best wishes for continued success as PENTA Communications, Inc. launches this new division to help smaller businesses and as the company celebrates its 20th year anniversary,” Sen. Moore said.

PENTA’s Small Business Division offers smaller companies the unique opportunity to gain access to high-level marketing professionals to help their companies remain competitive. The firm has also created a link with other experts in the region to offer its clients complimentary seminars, workshops and panel discussions to provide more business-building knowledge in all areas.

“As a marketing firm, we help clients drive their top-line numbers and build greater awareness, but they need more to help their businesses survive. With our holistic approach, we are connecting clients with other partners who are committed to helping them build and maintain a successful infrastructure so they remain sustainable and can grow, even in tough times,” Penta said.

PENTA Communications, Inc. has been offering specialized marketing, web development, public relations and advertising services to a myriad of client industries for 20 years. Its’ Stimulus Program is designed to help smaller businesses remain competitive, build awareness and potentially drive and maintain sales.