PENTA CEO named new Chairman of Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce

WESTBOROUGH _ On Wednesday evening, May 13, 2009 the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce witnessed a changing of the guard, as Chairperson-Elect Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc., became Chairman of the regional Chamber of Commerce, with a membership of 750 businesses from more than 60 towns and cities representing all industry types and company sizes. Two thirds of its members hail from five core towns and the other third from the surrounding 60 towns and cities.

“Having known Deborah for many years, I know she will commit herself to the position of Chairman. Her passion for Corridor Nine is obvious, and we are so glad to have her,” said Dave Bagdon, outgoing Chairman. “Deborah and I have worked closely on the Corridor Nine’s Marketing Committee for a longtime, and I have seen firsthand that she has a wealth of great ideas.”

“I am both excited and honored to become Chairman of the Corridor Nine, what I believe to be the most dynamic and progressive regional Chamber of Commerce in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,” Penta said. “I am so proud to be a member of this organization and to serve as its board chair. The Corridor Nine has become an organization that others strive to emulate. People talk about its dynamic energy, its vitality, its fun and engaging spirit, its exceptional leadership, and its incredible programs.”

Penta has served on the Board of Directors for the Chamber for four years, and she has served in a leadership role on the Executive Committee as Vice Chairman of the Board, and Chairperson-elect.

“It is, and has, been a pleasure working with Deb on the Executive Committee. She is very unselfish with her time, very supportive financially, and she is always full of creative ideas to market and improve the Chamber,” said Ben Colonero, a past Chairman (2007-2008) of the Board of Directors for the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce. “Deb is a true and dedicated leader, and the Chamber is blessed to have her as our new Chairperson.”

Longtime Chamber member and past Corridor Nine Chairman Joseph MacDonough, executive vice president of Avidia Bank, has worked with Penta for many years on the Board of the Corridor Nine.

“Deb Penta’s boundless energy, enthusiasm and excitement, combined with her more than two decades of professional marketing and business development experience, provide the perfect skill set to allow her to help the Corridor Nine leadership team assist all the members of our Chamber weather the severe economy we currently face,” MacDonough said.

“The past seven months have brought tremendous uncertainty in our world. We have seen an economic collapse unfold before our eyes, and we are all working harder to get the same results. When we get out of this period of economic turbulence, we will not go back to business as usual, but rather, we will be forced to embark on a whole new business world,” Penta said. “While that remains uncertain, what is certain is that our Chamber will emerge healthier and stronger and will be here to help its entire valued membership steer our ships as we navigate back towards prosperity.”

“Corridor Nine is delighted to have Deborah Penta, CEO of Penta Communications, Inc. as our newly elected Chair for 2009-2010. I know her clear vision and strong leadership skills will be an asset to the growth and development of our organization,” said Barbara Clifford, president of the Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce. “Deborah has identified the following three goals for Corridor Nine: Stability – keeping the chamber strong through a focus on value and retention; Progress – helping us move forward with membership growth and new opportunities and Sustainability – ensuring a strong plan for the future. I know we will be able to accomplish all of these goals and more with Deborah’s leadership.”