PENTA Communications Helps Bring City of Worcester Initiative to Life

WESTBOROUGH _ When the City of Worcester needed a marketing partner to develop a brand and website for its innovative “Buy Worcester Now” home buying program, it turned to PENTA Communications, Inc. for help.

The new program, launched to the public on July 9, 2008, is designed to stimulate the softening housing market locally. “Today’s housing market has buyers waiting on the sidelines, hoping for a change in the market, but collectively, our community knows it must act now if we are to reverse the effects of national and regional trends in our neighborhoods,” said City Manager Michael V. O’Brien.

“PENTA understood the potential impact the website would have on the success of the program.” said City Manager O’Brien. “It needed to be visually appealing, consumer friendly, clear, easy to understand and simple to navigate. Taking into consideration all of the different aspects of the program, combined with a myriad of partners, I believe PENTA successfully captured the vision that we had for this site and accomplished it within a very aggressive timeframe to meet our needs.”

“Our team is pleased to be involved in this forward thinking initiative,” said Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. “As with all of our projects, it was very important to us in the development of the website and creation of the program brand, that we effectively accomplished all of the objectives, while offering a complete, turnkey solution. We wanted to make sure we met the goals of the City Manager, the participating partners were pleased, and the site was simplistic enough for all consumers to navigate.”

“The vision that the City Manager had for the project and his desire to strengthen the economic climate in Worcester through strategically integrating financial, real estate, retail, employer and legal partners offers a smart and innovative way of breathing new life into the Worcester economy. We believe in the mission and the product(s) offered,” Penta said.

“This program is about more than buying a home,” O’Brien said. “It’s about buying into a community with a great value, a wide range of housing options, and now a helpful program for long-term, successful homeownership.”

“Judging from the public’s feedback, I believe that with the help of PENTA Communications, we have created a successful marketing tool to reach potential homebuyers,” O’Brien said.

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