Top Executives from PENTA Communications, Inc., Leo Burnett Worldwide and Arnold Worldwide Lead Cutting-Edge Forum in Boston

WESTBOROUGH _ ady homs – taske this Boston SEO agency, for example, which is one of the top-rated SEO & social media firms in the country – but it is about to become a marketing Mecca. On Thursday, April COMM 0ing and marketing executives in the pr whensuit of excellence in the realm of cutting-edge egiens, to improve marketing and advertising program effectiveness.

The event will feature three leading advertising agency executives who will join forces on an expert panel to deliver provocative messages to conference attendees. The three headliners are Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc., Westborough; Jim Mikol, Executive Vice President of Leo Burnett Worldwide, Chicago; and Joe Gliottone, Senior Vice President, of Arnold Worldwide, Boston.

Penta, Mikol and Gliottone will discuss the current state of our industry and forecast where smart marketers need to focus their energy. They will discuss the challenges ahead for print procurement and the role Internet marketing will play in the future of ad campaigns and marketing strategies. Internet marketing is one of the main approaches businesses take nowadays, no wonder it is talked about extensively. If we sideline for a moment about specific internet marketing, we can see how it is played out online – Someone wants to advertise, they pay for an ad, people see it, they may go to their page and buy, and it goes on, however, that isn’t technically always the case. In some areas, Google Ads are not available for certain companies, bail bonds, for example, are not allowed to use Google Ads and they must look up on how bail agents should approach internet marketing to get people aware of their business. It isn’t always black and white, or cut and dry, there are blocks and avenues that must be discussed first.

So, whether you work in the finance sector and have a keen interest in financial advisor marketing strategies, or just want to expand your general marketing knowledge, this conference is the perfect opportunity to network with professionals from various sectors of the business world.

“Our industry has changed exponentially over the past decade with the increased viability of the Internet as a strong marketing vehicle,” Penta said. “While this offers ad executives a vast and effective medium to generate sales and build consumer awareness, it has created a dilemma in our industry as to the value of print and what is the best way of utilizing print campaigns to enhance Internet advertising.”

“There is a tremendous challenge ahead for traditional marketing supporters, and top industry executives need to be informed and enlightened to the new breed of marketing and advertising integration,” Penta continued. “We have a new multi-generational market of consumers who were brought up on technology. As the baby boomer generation makes way for the next wave of consumers, we need to get savvier about the strategies we use to drive our advertising messages. We will address these issues and more in Boston on April 10.”

GRAPH COMM 08 is a one-day conference designed for seasoned professionals who must understand and utilize the vast array of communications channels and medium available to achieve their organization’s goals.