PENTA CEO Helps Women Executives Improve Marketability

WESTBOROUGH _ Oftentimes it takes a successful woman to help inspire other women to become successful. Recently, CEO Deborah Penta of PENTA Communications, Inc. gave a seminar on “Marketing Yourself for Success” to the Executive Women’s Network, an affiliate group of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce.

For the last 20 years, Penta has run a fully integrated and recognized marketing firm and in her role has helped client companies improve through a myriad of the firm’s services including marketing strategies and creative advertising campaigns. In 2007, she founded a non-profit organization, FLIC (Female Leadership Interest Council). FLIC is a global organization dedicated to helping women achieve greatness and was founded on the principles of female leadership, mentoring and the belief that when you can help someone else succeed, you personally grow and prosper. The Council’s mission is to provide educational instruction to women to assist in developing their capabilities in the business world, which will increase the likelihood that their successes will benefit the community.

To kick off the new year in January, Penta presented a program entitled “Marketing Yourself for Success,” for the Executive Women’s Network of the North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce, an organization that was formed to empower businesswomen in the North Central Massachusetts area by providing networking skills and tools necessary to support and develop women professionals and entrepreneurs. Penta delivered her message to nearly 100 women from the North Central region who were seeking to learn how to package themselves for success in the competitive arena.

In an interactive and straight-forward presentation, Penta helped women view themselves as products embarking on a new product development launch, and took them through the product life cycle and necessary personal marketing strategies to help them strategize personal and professional growth objectives.

Being able to spread the word of your business to as many people as possible will help women in the industry to get the success that they deserve. And this interactive presentation could give you a positive start on your entrepreneurial journey.

“We thoroughly enjoyed Deborah’s presentation. She touched on points that are at the core of successfully marketing yourself, knowing yourself, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, believing in yourself, understanding your passions and dreams,” said Nancy Trout, chairperson for the Executive Women’s Network. “I spoke to many people afterwards and everyone had such a positive response. I honestly think people felt good about themselves by the time she was done, because Deborah made you stop and think about what was best about yourself. Normally people don’t take the time out to do that.”

“It was great fun to present to this group of women who are seeking to raise the bar in all areas of their professional lives,” said Penta “The opportunity to share with others in this capacity provides more fuel for me in life – and I often find that we learn so much more by sharing.”

P.J. Keating Company Human Resource Manager Joanne Pagnotta was one of the attendees to the seminar.

“The presentation was informative and useful. It gave us a reminder that we should reflect on our lives and what truly satisfies us and our needs,” Pagnotta said.

If you are interesting in having Deborah Penta present a seminar or program at your company, please call us at (508) 616-9900.