Penta named to board of directors for the International Center of Worcester

WORCESTER _ The International Center of Worcester (ICW) has appointed Deborah Penta, CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. to its board of directors.

The Center was founded in 1963 as an independent nonprofit membership organization that promotes citizen diplomacy through personal contact between visitors from all over the world to the citizens of central Massachusetts. Currently, there are over 150 members who have become involved due to their concern and interest in international affairs.

Penta becomes part of the 12-member board that governs the organization and will serve a three-year term through 2010.

“When we appoint members of our Board, it is our hope that they will spark new ideas. We met Deborah through affiliations in the local business community,” said ICW Executive Director Royce Anderson. “PENTA Communications, Inc. hosted one of our international visitors last fall.”

Zurab Beselia, the head of the New Product Development department for the largest telecommunications company in Georgia (a republic of the former Soviet Union), spent four weeks at PENTA Communications, Inc. job-shadowing Penta and her employees.

While at the marketing firm, Zurab worked on various special assignment projects relative to his expertise and learned how an independent marketing firm operates in the United States. He shadowed Penta and other representative of the Company and had the opportunity to learn hands-on how to integrate his knowledge of product marketing in an environment that was client-focused. He attended meetings, conducted research and participated in a myriad of community-related endeavors that the firm supported while he was with the Company.

“The International Center provides a significant learning opportunity for businesses to engage their employees and clients with a more global-focused understanding of business and the significant value cultural premise has in the workplace,” Penta said. “As we continue to make progressive inroads to shared business partnership opportunities globally, we highly recommend that business in the region support the mission of the ICW.”

“We thought of Deborah because we wanted to have a greater business perspective on our Board. Our organization is functioning more on a business model. But, more importantly, we are starting an initiative to alert businesses of the negative effect the image of the U.S. overseas is now having on the local economy, and to involve business people and organizations in the citizen diplomacy international outreach effort, ” Anderson said. “We believe that Deborah’s experience and contacts would be a benefit for the ICW. We also think that her expertise in public relations and marketing would be very helpful.”

“I am honored that Royce thought of me to be part of the ICW board and believe the organization offers businesses in the region an excellent opportunity to experience and appreciate professionals from other cultures,” Penta said. “When people from various cultures engage and have the opportunity to work together, it helps promote positive goodwill for the countries in which they reside. It is exciting to be part of this endeavor and to know that as a business, you’re providing your employees with a growth experience and fostering global goodwill.”

“We look forward to working with Deborah and appreciate her willingness to be involved with us. I am sure her advice and participation will very useful to us,” Anderson added.

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