PENTA is Everything but Static in its Prime

WESTBOROUGH _ In the face of a new generation of marketing and advertising, Massachusetts-based PENTA Communications, Inc., puts a continued emphasis on dynamic innovation and progress. As one of the consistent front-runners on the East coast, the firm puts an even stronger focus on smart reinvention after 19 years in business.

PENTA Communications, Inc. is recognized for its strong reputation as an industry leader, and it continues to deliver results with unsurpassed client service. The company is led by savvy, creative professionals who are committed to remaining at the forefront of the industry.

“The second you think you’re on the cutting-edge of the most progressive technology, it’s nearly extinct, because the speed at which new creative and business operations continues to develop is fast and furious. Staying on the cutting edge and recognizing which new methods are viable not only for today, but for the future, is significant,” said PENTA Communications, Inc. CEO Deborah Penta.

“We have always believed in developing smart, cohesive strategies that work for clients – programs that are based on marketing intelligence, getting the right people on our bus and making sure they continue to grow and have the right tools to help them accomplish positive results,” she said.

Recently, several Creative Services team leaders from PENTA were on a mission to scout out the latest and most effective technological supplements on the horizon. This was in an effort to better-enhance the firm’s goals of providing high quality creative, higher productivity and tools that would better enhance operation. With the goal of optimizing work flow, while affording both print and web designers with a greater platform from which to start, they found a well-integrated solution.

As part of the firm’s commitment to remaining on top of the industry, the Creative Services team participated in a dynamic conference this month, where innovation and cutting-edge techniques brought them increased knowledge to be even more beneficial to the firm’s clients.

“Many of the technological features blew my mind,” said Art Director Nate Dubin. “The incorporation of this new innovation brings us to an even higher level of professional productivity, continuing to keep us ahead of the curve once again”.

“The tools we had were already cutting-edge,” he said. “This new development now puts us way ahead of the curve”.

“We believe that to become better, we need to listen to our clients and evolve as their needs change. The main focus of the software developer was to listen to designers’ requests, which basically amounted to doing tasks easier, quicker and more efficiently. In turn, designers can now work faster with quicker turnaround times, which we are strongly committed to, as we help our firm get even better with age,” Penta said.