Jump Start Your Marketing

The excitement of a New Year brings goal setting, resolutions, and dreams to millions of consumers, all with the best intentions to make changes to improve their lives in some way. The wellness industry capitalizes on this with increased marketing and incentives during the last quarter of the calendar year, hoping to leverage the New Year for first quarter sales, and inevitably, impacting stronger top line sales. However, many people do not sustain the same enthusiasm as commitment wanes, and their desire to change becomes less important than the comfort of the status quo.

For companies, the New Year brings new perspectives to leadership teams reflecting on the successes and shortcomings of the previous year, and renewed enthusiasm to initiate improvements for a great year.

In our experience, January has always been a time when clients begin to think about ways they can make a greater impact on the success of their organizations to catapult sales and brand awareness. This is particularly true for those seeking continuous improvement in raising the bar throughout all organizational levels, fostering better engagement both externally and internally. However, only those leaders who remain true to their quest will continue to find innovative ways to influence positive growth and the embracing of the kind of change that will catapult their businesses to that next level.

The words to deceased pop artist Michael Jackson’s hit Man in the Mirror remind us to reflect honestly on ourselves. Organizational leaders who look at how their companies are perceived by all constituents and take an honest look at where their results are versus where they want them to be will produce more effective ROI in the domestic and/or global marketplace. Examining every facet of marketing and sales begins with investigation and discovery of your strategy, determining whether your approach is defined and strategic enough. Ask whether you should you employ a “one strategy fits all” mentality for each of your products and services, or look at each service and product individually in an effort to fully determine whether individual strategies are needed for each. We believe that the more specific and strategic a plan, the more you can control a positive outcome and maximize the results and ROI of your marketing and/or advertising campaign.

There are numerous questions to be answered to clearly determine how your organization can get to the next level, and further define which marketing strategies are needed to see improved performance for the year ahead.

With the ongoing emergence of new technology, and with the abundance of options for today’s savvy marketers, it’s necessary to expertly and strategically determine which of the options will be most effective to accomplish your marketing goals. Over the years, the increased use of digital and social marketing has created a metamorphosis. Many marketing managers believe that by simply integrating these tools into the overall mix that they are succeeding with their plans. It may seem as if the company is generating more bandwidth in the beginning; however, in order for this to be successful, impactful, and sustainable, a strategic digital and social media management plan must be outlined for the execution to yield success over the year. Every company should strive to give its marketing a jump-start in the New Year. The results of a fresh strategic integrated marketing plan can influence growth and create a positive shift both internally and externally, with stronger brand awareness and increased sales. In addition, a solid plan will help to ensure that every budget dollar is maximized and leveraged for its highest value and best purpose.

Energize your marketing in the New Year by asking the right questions and by giving it the jump-start it needs to increase sales and leverage all the strengths of your brand!

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Deborah Penta is the Founder and CEO of PENTA Communications, Inc. She has authored numerous published articles that have appeared in national magazines and is a regularly featured conference speaker and media guest. She is also the executive producer of Top Growth TV. Contact her at: .